Phillip’s Core Teachings



Ego is our personal identity. Our name, age, where we grew up, what we do for a living, our beliefs about ourselves and more make up the blueprint of our individual Ego identity. Behind our Ego is an unconscious reservoir of repressed thoughts and emotions (limiting beliefs, fears, traumas, etc.) which together create unconscious limitations and a feeling of separation between us and everything else within existence.


An awakening occurs when one realizes that there is an aspect of their identity beyond their thinking (also known as Ego). This “beyond” is usually experienced as a sense of silence, peace, and expansion that is hard to put into words. These awakenings can happen with different intensities and frequencies depending on each person’s unique journey.


Enlightenment is the complete dissolving of your identification with thinking (Ego). A complete awakening in consciousness can be understand as existing in a state of awareness where there is no separation between you and everything else. You become one with all-that-is.

Awareness (Presence)

Awareness (also known as Presence) is an inner witnessing which exists within the background of your daily experience. Because our minds are in a constant state of thinking, our awareness is ordinarily “veiled” by our thinking resulting in us misidentifying who we are with our thinking, which is also known as Ego. When mental and emotional activity is watched through meditation, the open sky of awareness is unveiled, and the vertical dimension of our consciousness is revealed as our real identity. 


Repression is the primary means by which one’s Ego is created. Repression represents all thoughts, feelings, and beliefs within us that we have labeled “bad” and suppressed into the unconscious regions of our mind. Depending upon the degree and intensity to which we suppress, we experience negative emotions such as fear, worry and anxiety and is the foundation for all human suffering on the planet.


The sum of all aspects of oneself that have been rejected by one’s mind. The unconsciousness is known consciously by us in the form of “I” or “me” which is also known as Ego.

Vertical Dimension

All progress occurs when one moves deeper into the vertical dimension of their identity (beyond the Ego) as opposed to the horizontal dimension of their identity (new ideas about existence which are created by the Ego).


Meditation is how the unconscious can become conscious within us. The means by which we can expand beyond our thinking (Ego) and access a greater depth of peace and happiness within. The process of mediating is to simply watch one’s unconsciousness (Ego). This watchfulness contains the necessary ingredients to expand one’s awareness of self into deeper levels of understanding Self-Realization).