Customized Zen Mastery Program: For Overwhelmed Professionals

Experience personalized stress relief and holistic growth with the Customized Zen Mastery Program. Tailored to your unique needs and goals, this innovative program combines AI-driven insights with Zen principles to guide you towards lasting peace and success. From time management to work-life balance, boost productivity and well-being with flexible, accessible modules. Invest in your well-being today and start your journey to a balanced, fulfilling life.

Approx. 10-15 Hours

Why Choose the Customized Zen Mastery Program?

Tailored for You

A Program as Unique as You. Our ZenQuest questionnaire tailors your stress relief journey, crafting a path to Zen Mastery that’s exclusively yours. Embark on a personalized quest for serenity and success.

Holistic Innovation

AI-Driven, Holistically Guided Stress Relief. Our program blends advanced AI with holistic insights for deep, effective stress resolution. Embrace a future where technology and wisdom create your personalized peace.

Anywhere Access

Ideal for the Busy Professional. Our program fits your lifestyle, allowing engagement anytime, anywhere—be it commuting, working out, or during daily routines.and wisdom create your personalized peace.

Meet Phillip Lew, Founder
of Beyond Happiness:

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As he unlocks the power of tailored growth and healing with Customized Digital Therapeutics. This groundbreaking approach blends cutting-edge AI with deep personal insights for transformative personal development.

Discover your path to tailored stress relief with our ZenQuest Questionnaire

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Explore the 12 Fundamental Principles Shaping the Customized Zen Mastery Program

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Transform Your Life with The Customized Zen Mastery 8 Module Program

Here are the 8 core modules that make up the Customized Zen Mastery Program, each customized to bring you one step closer to a balanced and fulfilling life:


Zen Foundations

Embark on a transformative journey to unlock your true purpose, reducing stress and increasing happiness and resilience.

Uncover the root causes of stress and embark on a transformative journey toward personal and professional success. Explore ancient wisdom and modern techniques to cultivate inner peace, resilience, and clarity. This module lays the groundwork for profound self-discovery, helping you navigate life's challenges with wisdom and grace.


Time Mastery

Reclaim time, amplify productivity, align with personal and professional goals.

Unlock the secrets of effective time management and reclaim control over your schedule. Learn proven strategies to prioritize tasks, delegate responsibilities, and maximize productivity in both your personal and professional life. With newfound time mastery, you'll experience greater focus, efficiency, and fulfillment in everything you do.


Holistic Health

Integrate health, boost energy, maintain professional excellence.

Integrate holistic health practices seamlessly into your busy lifestyle. Discover how nourishing your body, mind, and spirit can enhance your energy, vitality, and overall well-being. This module empowers you to optimize your health while balancing the demands of your professional commitments, fostering a harmonious and sustainable lifestyle.


Work-Life Harmony

Harmonize work, life, amplify satisfaction, enhance well-being.

Find harmony between your professional ambitions and personal fulfillment. Explore practical techniques to establish boundaries, manage priorities, and cultivate a sense of balance in your life. Achieve greater satisfaction, fulfillment, and resilience as you navigate the complexities of work and personal relationships with grace.


Productivity Precision

Implement tailored techniques, amplify efficiency, reduce stress.

Fine-tune your productivity with tailored techniques designed to minimize stress and maximize efficiency. Discover actionable strategies to streamline your workflow, eliminate distractions, and accomplish more in less time. Transform your productivity habits and unlock your full potential for success and fulfillment.


Tech-Enabled Wellness

Leverage tech, balance digital engagement, enhance mental health.

Harness the power of technology to support your well-being and enhance your mental health. Explore innovative tools and techniques to strike a healthy balance between digital engagement and mindful living. Cultivate a tech-savvy approach to wellness that empowers you to thrive in today's interconnected world.


Enlightened Leadership

Lead with mindfulness, foster sustainable success, emotional intelligence.

Lead with mindfulness, compassion, and emotional intelligence to inspire meaningful change and foster sustainable success. Explore strategies to cultivate self-awareness, empathy, and resilience in your leadership approach. Transform your organization and community with authentic, purpose-driven leadership that prioritizes well-being and collective growth.


Global Adaptation

Lead internationally, adapt strategies across cultures, thrive.

Prepare yourself to lead effectively in an increasingly interconnected and diverse world. Learn to navigate cultural differences, adapt your communication style, and build inclusive, high-performing teams. Gain the skills and insights needed to thrive in a globalized marketplace and make a positive impact on a global scale.

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Sevenfold Zen Mastery AI
Hover and Click on Icons to Explore for More Information
Image A
The Insight engine
Unleashing Mindlessness

Discover how the Insight Engine’s deep understanding transcends traditional mindfulness, guiding you to a state of mindlessness. Through AI-driven interpretation of your unique journey, experience a radical shift towards freedom from stress by permanently eliminating identification with the egoic mind.

Image B
The wisdom Well
Nurturing Wholeness of Being

Dive into the Wisdom Well's vast reservoirs of knowledge, where large-scale language modeling generates content that harmonizes your inner self. This advanced technology leads you not just to mental health but to the wholeness of being, crafting a life filled with true peace and happiness.

Image C
The Reflective Path
Paradoxical Enlightenment

The Reflective Path utilizes reinforcement learning from your feedback to refine your journey towards enlightenment. Witness how this adaptive system paradoxically accelerates your progress towards mindlessness, facilitating a state where mental disturbances are not just calmed but completely eradicated.

Image D
The Effort Access
Streamlining the Path to Peace

With Effortless Access, experience the power of sparse activation to access Zen Mastery’s transformative content efficiently. This technology simplifies your journey towards achieving mindlessness and the wholeness of being, ensuring stress-free living is always within your reach, without the need for constant mental effort.

Image E
The Soul Spectrum
Achieving Cosmic Unity

The Soul’s Spectrum draws from diverse data sources, including the profound insights of high consciousness, to guide you towards cosmic unity. By fostering a deep connection with your higher identity as a conscious being, this program unveils the majesty of your existence, transforming your life into a living cosmos of order and harmony.

Image F
The Trust Framework
Elevating to Divine Consciousness

Through the Trust Framework, experience how safety and bias mitigation techniques in AI safeguard your journey towards divine consciousness. This approach ensures that every step taken on the path to achieving mindlessness and wholeness of being is supported, inclusive, and free from distortions, guiding you to recognize your own divinity.

Image G
The personal Navigator
Custom-Tailored Enlightenment

The Personal Navigator’s adaptive learning custom-tailors your enlightenment journey, dynamically aligning with your evolving path to mindlessness. Experience a bespoke journey that not only ends your suffering and mental disturbances but elevates your inner wellness to a realm of heavenly peace, happiness, and divine awe at your own existence.

Image A

The Insight engine

Image B

The wisdom well

Image C

The Reflective Path

Image D

The Effortless Access

Image E

The Soul's Spectrum

Image F

The Trust Framework

Image G

The personal Navigator

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Hear How Our Program Transforms Lives: Exclusive Audio Previews


At 32, a Marketing Director facing burnout from a high-pressure job, Emily sought to balance her career with personal well-being. Discover how our program helped her manage stress, enhance focus, and achieve harmony without compromising professional success.


At 32, a Marketing Director facing burnout from a high-pressure job, Emily sought to balance her career with personal well-being. Discover how our program helped her manage stress, enhance focus, and achieve harmony without compromising professional success.


At 32, a Marketing Director facing burnout from a high-pressure job, Emily sought to balance her career with personal well-being. Discover how our program helped her manage stress, enhance focus, and achieve harmony without compromising professional success.

Invest in your Well-being

Experience the transformative power of the Customized Zen Mastery Program for just $1297

We’re confident that “Zen Mastery for Executives” will revolutionize your approach to stress and leadership. If you’re not fully satisfied within 30 days, receive a full refund and keep your personalized program. Our priority is your growth and success, offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee with no questions asked.

Enlightened Insights:
Your Zen Mastery Program FAQs

Our program’s uniqueness lies in its customization. By integrating Zen principles with modern psychology and utilizing personalized stress relief questionnaires, we tailor each experience to your specific needs. This bespoke approach ensures profound and lasting peace, aligning your journey with your personal values and goals.
Experiencing a personalized audio sample upfront allows you to see firsthand how the program meets your individual needs and preferences. This initial glimpse demonstrates the program’s ability to adapt to your specific journey, enhancing your overall experience and ensuring a perfect fit.
Absolutely. The Zen Mastery program is designed with flexibility in mind. Its modules are crafted for efficient time management, allowing you to synthesize health and well-being seamlessly into your busy schedule. Whether commuting or during breaks, you can easily engage with the program.
Yes, the program is accessible to everyone. It introduces Zen principles and practices in a user-friendly manner, making it suitable for beginners. Clear instructions and supportive materials ensure that even those new to Zen can benefit and grow from the program.
Participants can expect improved stress management, greater productivity, enhanced work-life balance, and personal growth. Testimonials from past users highlight significant transformations in their professional and personal lives, underscoring the program’s effectiveness.
Results can vary, but many users begin to experience benefits within a few weeks. The program emphasizes a journey of personal growth, where the cumulative effect of its teachings leads to profound and lasting change over time.
We offer robust support through our website and customer care department. Our support team is designed to ensure you have all the assistance you need throughout your journey.
Yes, we offer a full refund if you’re not fully satisfied within 30 days. Our priority is your growth and success, and we stand by our program with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
The Zen Mastery program is compatible with various devices, ensuring you can engage with the content wherever you are. Whether on your phone, tablet, or computer, your journey towards enlightenment is always within reach.
Begin by visiting our website and clicking on “Begin Your Masterclass.” You can start with a free sample audio or dive into the full masterclass. Once registered, you’ll receive access to the first module and can start your journey towards enlightenment at your own pace.