Feel Your Suffering Within: The Masterclass

Embark on a personalized cosmic odyssey with the “Feel Your Suffering Within Masterclass,” inspired by Phillip Lew’s book. This audio program honors your existing beliefs while guiding you through self-discovery to overcome suffering and attain enlightenment. It encourages exploring your true self and unconscious mind, transforming suffering into enlightenment and blending material wealth with higher consciousness. Designed for all seekers, this immersive experience equips you with essential knowledge and tools for complete transformation.

Approx. 8-10 Hours

Why Choose the "Feel Your Suffering Within" Masterclass?

Personalized Awakening

Our “Feel Your Suffering Within Masterclass” adapts to your unique path through our proprietary questionnaire, guiding you from suffering to enlightenment and self-discovery.

Harmonized Growth

Our masterclass blends advanced AI with holistic insights from Phillip Lew’s book “Feel Your Suffering Within,” offering a personalized approach to growth and higher consciousness.

Flexible Engagement

Our program fits into your lifestyle, offering flexibility to engage anytime, anywhere. Whether commuting, working out, or during daily routines, enlightenment is always within reach.

Meet Phillip Lew, Founder
of Beyond Happiness:

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As he unlocks the power of tailored growth and healing with Customized Digital Therapeutics. This groundbreaking approach blends cutting-edge AI with deep personal insights for transformative personal development.

Discover your path to tailored stress relief with our ZenQuest Questionnaire

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Explore the 8 Fundamental Principles Shaping the Feel Your Suffering Within: Masterclass

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Transform Your Life with The Feel Your Suffering Within: Masterclass 8 Module Program

Here are the 8 core modules that make up the Feel Your Suffering Within: Masterclass, each customized to bring you one step closer to a balanced and fulfilling life:


Discovering Your True Self

Unveiling Your True Self: A Path to Profound Inner Awakening
Discover your true self with Phillip Lew’s guidance. “Who Am I?” becomes a transformative quest, as his teachings help unravel the ego layers hiding your true essence. This AI tailoredmodule reveals your pure identity by addressing deep, introspective questions, offering insightsdirectly relevant to your personal story. It’s a unique approach to enlightenment that assures you of companionship in your quest and highlights self-understanding as the key to overcoming obstacles.


The Root Cause of All Suffering and Limitation

Turning Suffering into Lasting Peace and Happiness
Explore the roots of suffering and limitation through Phillip Lew’s exploration of ego formation and repression, now personalized with AI. This module goes beyond explanation to facilitate a transformative journey by pinpointing the core changes needed for deeper self-awareness. Understanding the impact of your thoughts, emotions, and actions on your suffering allows you to dismantle these barriers, offering a path to a novel and deeply personal transformation.


Exploring the Unconscious Depths

Unlock Personal Freedom by Awakening the Dormant Realms of Your Psyche
Your unconscious mind holds a treasure trove of wisdom, ready for exploration. This module invites you to delve deep into your psyche, awakening parts of your higher consciousness that have lain dormant. Tailored to your unique unconscious landscape, it reveals how repression influences your reality. With targeted exercises and reflective practices, you’ll awaken these dormant aspects, creating a pathway to healing and unity consciousness designed specifically for you.


Transformation Through Suffering

Embrace Suffering to Awaken into Perfect Peace and Happiness
Experience meditation like never before. This module demystifies the true nature of meditation, emphasizing its role in transcending suffering and ego. With AI customization, your meditation journey is adapted to focus on the areas of suffering most relevant to you, guiding you through practices that feel intensely personal and effective. Phillip Lew’;s insights into deep emotional exploration are now your roadmap to enlightenment, promising a meditation experience that not only makes you feel better but transforms.


The Inward Journey of Descent into Ascension

Purify and Elevate Your Being, Transforming into Transcendence
Prepare for an odyssey through the underworld of your unconscious being, a descent into depths where true transformation awaits. This module transforms the metaphor of descending into the underworld into a personalized journey of ascension and transformation, leading to transcendence. Guided by Phillip Lew's teachings, you will navigate your inner darkness, confronting and purifying the core of your suffering. This customized experience ensures each step is relevant and impactful, shedding light on the path to transcendence in a manner uniquely tailored to you.


Experiencing the Mysteries of Transcendence

Embark on an Exhilarating Adventure Through the Realms of Transcendence
The mysteries of transcendence are no longer distant or abstract. In this module, you’re invited to explore the transcendental realm, with insights and exercises meticulously tailored based on your responses to align with your goals. Experience the profound depths and realizations of transcendence, personalized for your unique journey. This voyage into the expanse of higher consciousness is crafted to be deeply personal, leading you to revelations that appear to be destined just for you.


Attaining Material Wealth

Harness Enlightenment to Achieve Material Wealth
Enlightenment and material wealth are not mutually exclusive. This module unveils the intrinsic unity between the two, with Phillip Lew’s wisdom meticulously adjusted to match your aspirations and challenges. Through tailored exercises and reflections, you will learn how to manifest not only material wealth but also a life rich in alignment and purpose. This unique integration of Phillip’s teachings and AI customization ensures that every insight is directly applicable to your life, empowering you to compose your symphony of material wealth.


Humanity’s Golden Age of Transcendence

Foster Global Unity and Well-being for a New Enlightenment Age
Envision a future where cosmic love and enlightenment usher in a new age for humanity. This final module provides a personalized blueprint for contributing to world peace and unity, inspired by Phillip Lew’s vision of humanity’s golden age of transcendence. Customized to reflect your values and experiences, this module motivates you to adopt practices of love and compassion that resonate deeply with you. It serves as a call to action—not merely to dream of a better world but to play a crucial role in its creation, in ways that uniquely align with your capabilities.
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The Masterclass AI Engine
Explore Our AI's 7 Foundations for Your Custom Audio Program
Image A
Language Insight Compass

Utilizing Natural Language Processing and Understanding, the Language Insight Compass crafts your journey based on your initial questionnaire responses. This technology enables us to understand your aspirations, challenges, and personal development goals deeply, ensuring that every part of your program resonates with your quest for enlightenment.

Image B
Growth Pattern Matrix

Utilizing Machine Learning and Data Analytics, the Growth Pattern Matrix meticulously analyzes over 10,000 religious, spiritual, and philosophical texts, alongside personal growth paradigms, to perfectly align the program content with your unique journey. This tailored approach guarantees that the insights and practices you receive are precisely relevant to your path of self-discovery and enlightenment.

Image C
Voice of Serenity Engine

The Voice of Serenity Engine brings our teachings to life with soothing and engaging audio, crafted through advanced Speech Synthesis and Voice Generation technology. This ensures that you receive guidance in a manner that is calming, clear, and deeply immersive, facilitating a truly transformative experience.

Image D
Soul Resonance Analyzer

Employing Semantic Analysis, the Soul Resonance Analyzer delves into the depth of your individual experiences and aspirations. By interpreting the nuances of your language, it ensures the program is deeply aligned with your emotional, spiritual, and intellectual landscapes, enriching your journey towards self-discovery.

Image E
Journey Forecaster

Using Predictive Analytics, the Journey Forecaster selects insights and exercises that will be most beneficial to you, based on your initial questionnaire. This foresight allows us to craft a pathway that is both insightful and deeply relevant to your current state, guiding you smoothly towards your goals.

Image F
Personalized Essence Generator

At the heart of your masterclass experience lies the Personalization Engine, which customizes the themes, topics, and learning style of your journey based on your distinctive responses. This precise customization ensures that every element of the program is deeply intertwined with your path, promoting profound engagement and transformative insights.

Image G
Emotional Harmony Interface

Powered by Emotion AI, the Emotional Harmony Interface is designed to ensure that the tone and support of the program align with your emotional state as understood through your initial input. This approach creates a nurturing space for growth, offering guidance that is not only enlightening but also emotionally attuned and supportive.

Image A

Language Insight Compass

Image B

Growth Pattern Matrix

Image C

Voice of Serenity Engine

Image D

Soul Resonance Analyzer

Image E

Journey Forecaster

Image F

Personalized Essence Generator

Image G

Emotional Harmony Interface

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Hear How Our Program Transforms Lives: Exclusive Audio Previews


At 32, a Marketing Director facing burnout from a high-pressure job, Emily sought to balance her career with personal well-being. Discover how our program helped her manage stress, enhance focus, and achieve harmony without compromising professional success.


At 32, a Marketing Director facing burnout from a high-pressure job, Emily sought to balance her career with personal well-being. Discover how our program helped her manage stress, enhance focus, and achieve harmony without compromising professional success.


At 32, a Marketing Director facing burnout from a high-pressure job, Emily sought to balance her career with personal well-being. Discover how our program helped her manage stress, enhance focus, and achieve harmony without compromising professional success.

Invest in Your Well-being

Unlock the “Feel Your Suffering Within Masterclass” for an investment price of $1497. Our pledge is your peace and enlightenment.

Elevate Your Journey with Personalized Coaching

As part of your transformative experience, we’re thrilled to introduce an optional coaching program designed to complement the “Feel Your Suffering Within Masterclass.” This bespoke coaching journey spans six months, combining the self-paced, profound wisdom of the audio program with the dynamic support of live coaching calls.

Throughout these six months, you’ll immerse yourself in the masterclass content, enriched by adaptive, live coaching sessions tailored to your personal growth and enlightenment journey. Our skilled coaches provide hands-on training and support, ensuring you not only navigate your path with insight but also apply the teachings deeply in your daily life. This integrated approach promises a more nuanced and enriched path to enlightenment, bridging the gap between learning and living the principles of transformation.

Why Choose the Coaching Program?

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive Learning

Experience the masterclass in a format that evolves with your personal discoveries and breakthroughs.

Live Support

Live Support

Benefit from live coaching calls, offering direct support, guidance, and the opportunity to explore your experiences and insights in real time.

Accelerated Growth

Accelerated Growth

With personalized coaching, navigate your path to enlightenment with greater clarity, focus, and speed, turning insights into lived wisdom.

This exclusive coaching program is your opportunity to engage directly with experts in the field, deepen your practice, and ensure your journey is not just heard but truly embodied. Opt for this enriching add-on to the “Feel Your Suffering Within Masterclass” and embrace a guided, supportive route to your enlightenment.

We’re confident that “Zen Mastery for Executives” will revolutionize your approach to stress and leadership. If you’re not fully satisfied within 30 days, receive a full refund and keep your personalized program. Our priority is your growth and success, offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee with no questions asked.

Enlightened Insights:
Your Zen Mastery Program FAQs

This masterclass is a comprehensive, audio-based program designed to guide you through self-discovery, overcoming suffering, and unlocking a new era of enlightenment. Inspired by Phillip Lew’s groundbreaking work, it combines timeless wisdom with modern digital therapeutics to offer a transformative journey towards true self-awareness and awakening.
Anyone seeking to explore deeper levels of self-awareness, transcend personal suffering, and contribute to a greater collective consciousness. Whether you’re new to enlightenment or a seasoned seeker, this masterclass offers valuable insights and transformative practices for everyone.
Through a series of meticulously crafted audio sessions, participants are taken on a journey that explores the foundations of self and existence, strategies for overcoming ignorance and suffering, and methods for achieving enlightenment. The program is structured to progressively deepen your understanding and experience of inner peace and fulfillment.
Unlike other programs, this masterclass leverages The Masterclass AI Engine, combining advanced AI technology with Phillip Lew’s bespoke teachings to create a personalized enlightenment odyssey. This unique approach ensures that the teachings are deeply relevant and tailored to each participant’s path.
Yes, we offer a free sample audio session for you to experience the transformative power of the masterclass firsthand. This sample gives you a glimpse into the profound wisdom and practical tools the full program offers.
Your investment grants you full access to all 8 audio sessions, exclusive digital content, personalized insights from The Masterclass AI Engine.
Upon purchase, you gain lifetime access to the masterclass, including all future updates and enhancements. This ensures that the masterclass remains a valuable resource on your enlightenment journey.
Absolutely. We stand behind the transformative potential of this masterclass with a satisfaction guarantee. If you find that the program does not meet your expectations, contact us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.
By guiding you through a series of deep, introspective processes, the masterclass helps you identify and transcend the root causes of suffering, align your life with your true higher identity, and embrace a state of meditation that is free from repetitive thinking and turbulent emotions. This path is designed to lead to enlightenment by fostering a profound state of unity
To begin, simply visit our website and click on “Begin Your Masterclass.” You can start by enjoying a free sample audio, or if you’re ready, you can dive into the full masterclass. Once the program is created, which takes up to 10 business days, you will receive immediate access to the materials and can start your journey towards enlightenment at your own pace.