How often do you feel overwhelmed by stress?
Discovering Your Joy
Enhancing Your Decision-Making Skills
Mastering Stress Management Techniques

Content for Step 1: Purpose Reflection

How often do you feel overwhelmed by stress?

Can you describe a recent instance when you felt overwhelmed by stress? What were you thinking, feeling, and doing at that time? Additionally, what methods or tools do you wish you had at those moments to help you manage better?

Example Answer For instance, if you felt overwhelmed last week due to an unexpected assignment, detail your initial thoughts ('This is impossible'), your feelings (anxiety, frustration), and your actions (rushed planning, venting to a friend). What tool or method could have helped you, such as a quick meditation or a structured task list?

Which of the following activities brings you joy?

How often do you engage in this activity, and how does it specifically help reduce your stress or improve your well-being?

Example Answer Perhaps spending time with family every weekend rejuvenates you, or engaging in a hobby like painting offers you peace. Describe how these activities impact your mood and energy, and how often you engage in them.

When faced with a difficult decision, how do you generally feel?

Please describe a recent difficult decision and what you wish you could have done differently. How has your decision-making process evolved over time, and what key influences have shaped it?

Example Answer Consider a time when you had to choose between two job offers. Describe how you made your decision and reflect on any doubts or regrets about how you handled it. How do you think your decision-making style has changed?

Which of these strategies have you used to manage stress effectively?

Reflect on a time when you successfully handled a stressful situation using one of these strategies. What did you do, and how did you feel about the outcome? Discuss the long-term effectiveness of these strategies and any additional support you might need to enhance their benefits.

Example Answer Maybe you managed to calm your nerves before an important presentation through deep breathing. Explain the strategies that worked and how you felt afterwards. How have these methods helped you in other stressful situations?